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The architecture of your home or business is more important than you might first think. Not only does good architecture provide a lot more comfort and utility in any given space, but it can dictate a lot of specific things about how a room or building is used in both residential and commercial spaces.

On top of that, architecture is hard to figure out for yourself. It can take years to reach a professional level with simple architecture tools, and in-depth projects require in-depth solutions that can be difficult to achieve. In some cases, outside architecture help is going to be the only option that you can rely on.

We at Pro Architects can offer a huge range of architectural service options, providing the practical experience and architectural knowledge necessary to get each project done. Whether it is interior architecture, exterior architecture or landscape architecture, we can approach each project and develop a bespoke solution to your needs.

The world of architecture is a confusing one: from specifications to the feasibility reports, it can be hard to understand what you need to get a design created. Our expertise allows us to take charge of your project and get you the architectural results you want, all without compromising your original vision.

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Who Are Pro Architects?

We at Pro Architects are a specialist architectural service with a long list of past projects under our belt. We aim to provide the best designs and services possible, matching them to the needs of each client based on their original concepts or requirements.

Our work has allowed us to provide the perfect interior spaces and landscape architecture for countless clients, all of whom have wanted drastically different things. Whether it is a home that is more open to the natural world to boost their mental health or just a more comfortable study room, we can provide the tools and skills to get the job done.

We handle all of our work on a client-focused level. Each of our customers requires different things, and we make sure to aim for those requirements and goals with each new project we take on. None of our work is recycled or copied from another client ā€“ it is all bespoke, unique, and carefully-planned.

Why Choose Pro Architects?

We can offer all of the core architect service options available in July 2024, aiming for an extremely high standard of quality in every single project we take on. Our design skills allow us to create architectural designs that perfectly match the needs and preferences of our clients, right down to the specific aesthetic choices they need.

Our Work

We have a long history of practical work experience in different architecture and construction projects, and that history has allowed us to bring even more elements to the table. We can specialise in the conservation of individual buildings, creating structures that match current design trends or even build areas to a certain standard of energy efficiency.

As a client, you should be able to get the results you want. We can work with clients of any size and scale, offering licensed architect practice service options that can bring your architecture ideas to life.

Over 20 Years Experience in Architectural Design

With over 20 years of practical experience across various forms of architectural practice work, we have built up a long list of skills and techniques to help us produce ideal results for every one of our clients. As a professional architect service, we understand how important even the slightest details can be.

Having worked with countless customers from all across the UK, we know how to take on different architecture challenges and problems, finding solutions to every flaw and mistake while still keeping up the same high standard of quality.

Accredited Architects

We have earned a range of architect accreditation and certifications for our past work, as well as occasional awards and other marks of quality. As fully licensed architects, we aim to provide the best architecture service we possibly can while avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes.

Architects Near Me

We keep all of our architecture services readily available to clients throughout the UK, offering everything from planning design proposals to full-scale construction projects throughout the country. Our services are easily accessible, and we are able to stay involved for as little – or as long – as you need us.

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Types of Architectural Design Services We Offer

Modern architectural technology opens up a lot of new architecture design options, and our design skills allow us to offer a huge range of different options for dealing with your building or construction needs. While not all techniques are ideal for every situation, we can provide service options to counteract any downsides or risks that particular options might have.

Residential Architecture

Residential architect work focuses on homes and houses, whether that is creating new buildings or reworking existing homes to match current trends. Interior architecture can require a lot of specific aspects to be considered, and careful planning is especially important when it comes to living spaces.

Our residential architecture skills allow us to open up planning and construction options to clients that want help designing or re-designing residential buildings. This could be a standalone building, a larger series of apartments, or something far more specific.

Residential architect work requires that we follow a lot of safety regulations – the newly-built environment needs to be suitable as a living space. Our knowledge and understanding of common architecture safety regulations and practices let us handle the planning while eliminating any possible health and safety concerns.

Commercial Architecture

Planning the construction of buildings and structures takes time. Commercial building development can open up more opportunities for creative architecture, but the finished structures still need to match with your business needs.

Our knowledge of planning and construction allows us to set up building projects that will produce excellent business spaces. However, the creation and style of those spaces will depend on what you need – you want a building with a layout and style that matches your business as a whole.

Whether you need major urban design work or just want to adjust some existing buildings into a better sales space, we have the skills and practice to make it possible. This could be a storefront and sales floor, an office block, or even larger-scale company headquarters.

Landscape Architecture

Our landscape architecture skills allow us to approach all kinds of parks and recreation planning issues. Development of an outdoor space can be just as important as interior architecture, both for residential and non-residential reasons.

We understand how to leverage our own skills to focus on constructing outdoor areas, moving away from buildings to focus on outdoor development. This could be something as small as building a new path or something as large as constructing an artificial hill or small lake.

Interior Design Architecture

While a lot of our architecture blends together as part of a larger project, some of our customers specifically require work done on their interior spaces. We understand the important aspects of creating a safe, usable, comfortable internal space, regardless of how it is meant to be used.

Like all of our other architect work, we approach these tasks as entirely bespoke tasks, making sure to narrow down the exact kind of space you want before we start working. Our end goal is to create an indoor environment that matches your needs perfectly.

It can take a lot of time to plan out an interior design, but our architects are able to work with you to help you find the right combination of room layout, furniture choices and other aesthetic details. The more you tell us about your architecture preferences, the easier it becomes to find a design that you will like.

Urban Design Architecture

Urban design can often cover the scope of an entire neighbourhood, making urban architecture incredibly difficult to manage. We have the skills, technology and management options to make a full urban design project far simpler, giving you the results you need in much less time.

Our past urban work has covered a range of different tasks across countless different locations, and each one has been entirely unique. We have often needed to work with a local authority to get the plan right, relying on small-scale exhibition design work to create a model replica of our intended tweaks and changes to an area.

We have the computer software to simulate a range of different areas, and urban areas are one of the many options we are able to provide. If you need larger-scale architecture work, then we have the specialist skills and tools to make it possible.

Green Design Architecture

With the recent concerns about the current state of the climate, it is easy to see why going green is so important. Green design has a very important place in the modern world, and we can aim to make any project much more environmentally friendly – even if it means significant tweaks to the initial idea.

Industrial Architecture

Industrial facilities need good architectural planning just as much as any home – often more, depending on the purpose of the facility itself. We are able to create a practical, safe work environment that can keep professionals focused without making the site too soulless or draining to spend a workday in.

As architect professionals, we understand that industrial areas sometimes need to be sparse and simple. However, we also have enough knowledge to know when a site design would be too detrimental to employee productivity and health – and can make changes to work around those problems.

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What is Architectural Design?

Architectural design is all about constructing spaces that can meet client needs and demands, whether that is to create a living space or an industrial site. The heart of architecture is constructing a space that suits its intended purpose as well as possible, taking into account every small detail or client requirement.

Our architecture skills, technology and project management style, have allowed us to tackle countless past design challenges, but there will always be a degree of uncertainty in taking on new tasks. Whatever your architectural design needs are, we’are flexible enough to meet them.

About Our Service Options

While you already know the kind of service options we offer, it can be useful to understand some of the benefits and additional service options that we provide to all of our customers. Unlike many architecture practices, we aim for high quality in every area.

Nationwide Architects

We offer nationwide architecture service options that can cover any location within the UK, making it easy to get your new architecture work done even if you live in a remote area. Our great supply chain allows us to move materials quickly, making it easy to get those raw materials to the job site on relatively short notice.

Construction Projects

We can tackle full-scale construction just as easily as partial construction. The degree of work that needs to be done will depend on your exact needs, but we can provide reliable architecture service options at any scale.

Architectural Drawings

We can have our architects create drawn-up plans for each potential design. Many of these architects may have a university degree in visual or hand-drawn arts, but even without a university art degree, a visual plan of the space can be important for understanding how the finished space will look.

3D Design and Art

The post-university career path into architecture brings a lot of digital art experts. Even simple university-level tools can be a good way to plan out a building in 3D or to get a reference for how it should look, and we use the best available 3D modelling software we can to make this possible.

Building Information ModellingĀ 

Through Building Information Modelling, we can construct a breakdown of what a building or structure is, including materials and overall dimensions. In theory, we can do this ahead of time to get a general idea of what kind of space you want, right down to each degree measurement on the building’s corners.

Flexible Architectural Practice

Our flexible architecture work means that we can provide a range of service options for all kinds of different project types. Conservation, construction, remodelling – we have ways to make all of them possible.

Architect Costs

We treat each project as bespoke, and that means that costs are never set in stone. We make sure to come up with a consistent price for each client whenever possible, using past work as a reference for what each piece of bespoke work would most likely cost.

We can also help you reduce the overall cost of your work by breaking down the expected cost quote, helping you see which elements are costing the most and which might be worth dropping to reduce the overall cost of the architectural changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services of an architect?

According to definitions like the one in Encyclopedia Britannica, architecture service options are focused on constructing spaces to serve a particular purpose. In our case, we aim to make sure that each new room or area is suited for its intended uses.

What does the architect do?

Our architects primarily focus on drawing up the plans for your new architectural work, whether they are fresh out of university or long-time veterans. These plans change as you give us further information and we figure out the best way to meet your needs well.

Do architects do free consultations?

We can provide free consultations in many situations, working out what kind of work might be needed and how much it could cost.

How do architects charge for their services?

We charge a varying amount depending on the scale, type, and overall difficulty of the work being done. Talk with our experts if you want an in-depth breakdown.

What is the difference between an architect and an architectural designer?

An architect is a licensed professional, often with a chartered membership into a major architecture organisation. An architectural designer is not and is one step lower on the career path, often because they have just left university.


We can offer a huge range of architectural service options and countless different options for dealing with the specific requirements your chosen project may have. We tackle each project in a unique and bespoke way, aiming to satisfy your requirements as accurately as we can.

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We have used Pro Architects for many years as they are certainly the best in the UK. The attention to detail and professional setup is what makes this company our go-to company for all our work. I highly recommend the team for the immense work - we highly recommend them!

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